Hotel, restaurant, catering, institutional kitchens: you are sure to find what suits your tastes at Vander Zijpen

You want to indulge your customers with delicious food.
Dishes that will keep them coming back.

We ensure that you have fruits and vegetables in-house every day that are farm-fresh and full of flavour.

Straight from the grower.
Sorted, packaged or fresh-cut in our workshops.
And always delivered on time.

The most up-to-date selection of fruits and vegetables

The items you want, we add to the menu.

That way, you know you are always presented with the product selection that meets the demands of today’s market.
From seasonal products to local specialities to the latest hype.

This applies to all our fruits and vegetables.
And every bit as much to our pre-cut products, fruit juices and organic products.

Fruits and vegetables that stay fresh longer

The shorter the journey that your fruits and vegetables travel, the fresher they will be.
That is why we buy directly from the growers and go every morning ourselves to the auction house in Brussels.

So you get only fruits and vegetables that start fresh and that stay fresh.

Besides that, they are delivered straight to you.
Starting at 6 AM, to be exact – from our refrigerated trucks to your cold storage.

Wholesaler with mandatory certificates

Whether you need vegetables, pre-cut fruit or organic products, quality always takes precedence over quantity.

And quality is what you get at Vander Zijpen.

As proof of that, we have earned all mandatory food safety certificates for the safe processing, packaging and transporting of your fruits and vegetables.


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