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Hard fruit. Soft fruit. Exotic fruit.
You will find them all every day at Vander Zijpen.
Full of flavour and selected with care.

Our guiding principle? Quality.

Looking to save time in your kitchen?
Then also check out our the pre-cut fruits.

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Local vegetables, forgotten vegetables or exclusive vegetables.

We go to the early market in Brussels and select them for you with the greatest of care.

So we can deliver them to you safely packed, correctly cooled and super-fresh at your restaurant, institutional kitchen or catering establishment.

Interested in lightening the load in your kitchen?
Then choose the pre-cut vegetables.

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Icon Pre-cut fruits & vegetables

Pre-cut fruits & vegetables

If you can lighten your workload, you should definitely do that.

Pre-cut vegetables are just the ticket.
Vander Zijpen washes, processes and cuts all your fruit and vegetables into cubes, brunoise, duxelles, slices or strips.

You receive them packed per type of fruit or vegetable.
From wok vegetables and soup vegetables to the fruits for your fruit salad.

Would you prefer another fruit or vegetable mix?
Tell us about it here.

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Icon Fruit juices

Fruit juices

Freshly squeezed fruit juice.
That is meat and drink to your customers.
Or better yet: juice.

Orange, grapefruit, strawberry, mixed fruit.

We squeeze them for you, one-by-one.
Cooled and bottled and in compliance with all food safety regulations.

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Icon Organic


Do you swear by organic products?

We can offer you an organic variety of every fruit and vegetable available.

Sourced exclusively from growers who allow Mother Nature to do her thing, who use only organic fertilisers and who control pests by natural means.

Such as the great tits that eat caterpillars.
Or flies that gobble up aphids.

The result? Fruits and vegetables that are clean and pure.

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